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What Hiroshi Abe has to say about Ms. Gilian is a great example of developing Trust and Friendship.   Trust and Friendship are two of the main reasons why businesses boom!   Read through Hiroshi’s message about Ms. Gilian and understand how great of a testimony it is: “I am a Web developer who has been working with Gil for 6 years. I still remember the time when we met in Cebu 6 years ago. I noticed she is smart and kind person very soon but I was not so sure I could trust her. I have lots of experiences here in the Philippines more than 20 years. Many people tried to take advantage from me and actually some were did. My experiences tells me that I cannot trust anyone until I've got to know their nature enough. So I started to observe her mind and ability but she already proved herself by her attitude and works in the first few months. Also I saw she has a motivation and possibility. Only lacking experience on business before. She always worry about people around her. She never leave behind if she found someone needs help even she can not afford it. She also always worry about me and taking care of my livings here without any return. Her nature is good enough to make me trust her. However we sometimes have to stick to the strict manners not generosity on business. She is generous person but she was not able to distinguish between private and business. I saw she got failure many times because of her nature like this and lacking experiences on business too. Good thing, She has an ear to listen, learned from her mistakes. She's got much experiences already too. She was just one of my staff from the beginning. Then she became co-workers. Now she is my most important business partner whom I respect. There are many people who's always seeking easy money. I have to say, it is not easy to find right person with skills who you could trust here in philippines. I don't mean it's not worth to invest. I am sure there are much possibilities here, but sad to say, most of people doesn't know or doesn't care because they are busy for livings for today. I guarantee Gil is the best one who you can trust with good mind and ability on business. Hope this message will help you to understand more about Gil and make up your mind to working together with her.” Thank you. Hiroshi Abe  
Hiroshi Abe
November 15, 2018
GPG has been a life saver. They are extremely detail orientated and handle issues very quickly. They are structured to handle large work volumes, and are 100% transparent with all of their fees. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for assistance.
Matthew Irish
November 15, 2018